Increase the Power of Your Pop-Up Locations and Stay in Control of Your Inventory!

Pop-up retail stores present new and exciting revenue streams.   But they also come with challenges directly related to the nature of the Pop-up concept.  The name itself implies hast and the importance of timing and execution.

  • Are you able to accurately track inventory going into the temporary store?
  • And most importantly can you account for items not sold and where they are returned?
  • At the end of the Pop-up event can you close the temporary store and compare expected remaining onhands to what is remaining?
  • Can you track the remaining merchandise by box upon return?

Datascan is an expert at assisting retailers with all their inventory solutions.  Our solution allows your pop-up stores to scan in the merchandise as they setup the location.   Whether the merchandise is coming from a single warehouse or multiple store locations our system will validate the total receipt from each location and compare receipts to shipping manifests.  When the event is complete the Datascan system will allow your team to box the merchandise while tracking all remaining items and where they are returning those items.  The final report will provide immediate variance results between original receipts, sold merchandise and what was boxed for return.  Accountability in a pop-up from open to close.

The solution is simple and designed for your store teams to use.  The only requirement onsite is electricity – it’s just that simple!

Take the risk out of managing your pop-up retail locations and have the same confidence and controls you use in your brick & mortar stores on the road.


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