Category Counts – Simple to implement! Big Impact!



We have more clients each year using our system to perform modified cycle counts to help them get quick counts by merchandise category. Using our expertise with year-end counts and cycle programs, we are able to provide a very simple system to capture category (Dept/Class, etc.) counts.

With most retailers now only performing the year-end count, these category-style counts give them insight into promotional, replenishment or high-shrink goods during the summer/fall.

The great thing about this type of count is that they require little planning, and we’ve seen it rolled out to 200+ stores with as little as four days notice.  These stores had never used or seen the Datascan system before.  The category count was a true success!


  • Scanners are loaded with only the UPC/SKUs listed for the Category Counts.
  • The stores receive one small box with 1-3 scanners and a cradle.
  • Instructions are simple and short.
  • Packages are shipped via Ground service and cost less than $10 a shipment.
  • Corporate reporting and variances on our website are included.
  • The Help Desk will provide the same support before, during and after the count.

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